Achieving Reproducibility with Thermal Cycling Test Chambers

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and scientific research, Thermal cycling test chambers stand at the forefront of innovation and reliability testing. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., a leader in the development of environmental testing equipment, Offers cutting-edge solutions for thermal cycling requirements. The use of thermal cycling test chambers has become a cornerstone for industries aiming to ensure the durability and performance of their products under fluctuating temperatures.

Thermal cycling chambers, Also known as temperature cycling chambers or thermal cycling equipment, Are sophisticated devices designed to examine how materials or components react to extreme variations in temperature. These test chambers can rapidly alternate conditions from very high to very low temperatures, Replicating the thermal cycling process. This capability makes them invaluable for testing resistance to thermal shock, expansion, contraction, and long-term endurance. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. specializes in providing thermal cycling chambers that cater to a wide range of industry needs, Ensuring that components and materials meet stringent quality standards.

thermal cycling test chamber
Equipment ModelTH-064TH-080TH-150TH-225TH-408TH-800TH-1000
Testing Volume64 Liters80 Liters150 Liters225 Liters408 Liters800 Liters1000 Liters
Temperature Range-60℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃-70℃~ +150℃ (180℃)-70℃~ +150℃ (180℃)-70℃~ +150℃ (178℃)-70℃~ +150℃ (180℃)
Humidity Range20%~ 95%20%~ 98%10%~ 95%20%~ 95%10%~ 95%20%~ 98%20%~ 98%
Temp Uniformity±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±0.5~ ±1.0℃±1.0~ ±2.0℃±1.0~ ±2.0℃
Heating Rate2℃~ 3℃/min2℃~ 5℃2℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃3℃~ 5℃
Cooling Rate1℃~ 2℃/min1℃~ 2℃1℃~ 2℃1.5℃~ 2℃1.5℃~ 2℃2℃~ 3℃2℃~ 3℃
Refrigerant SystemR404AR23R508R404AR23R508R404A
CompressorTecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)Bizter (Germany)Tecumseh (France)
Inner Size (W*D*H)400x400x400400x400x500500x500x600500x600x750600x800x8501000x800x10001000x1000x1000
Outer Size (W*D*H)600x1060x1250600x1060x1410700x1160x1510700x1260x1660800x1410x17601180x1410x18901180x1610x1890
Gross Weight225 KGS280 KGS350 KGS425 KGS485 KGS650 KGS770 KGS

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.’s thermal cycling chambers are equipped with rapid-rate thermal cycle chambers that enhance testing efficiency and accuracy. These chambers offer precise control over temperature rates of change, Allowing for the application of thermal stress to test samples in cycles that can range from extremely low to elevated temperatures in a matter of minutes. This rapid transition capability is crucial for assessing product reliability in conditions that mimic natural environmental changes or operational stresses.

Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. remains dedicated to empowering industries through high-quality, reliable thermal cycling chambers. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation positions its thermal cycling equipment as an essential tool for achieving reproducibility in product testing. By ensuring products are capable of withstanding the rigors of thermal stress, Wewon supports its clients in delivering superior quality, reliability, and performance in their offerings. As industries continue to face the challenges of rapid technological advancement and increased environmental stressors, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will continue to serve as a beacon of innovation and reliability in environmental testing solutions.

Simulate a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions to test product resilience and longevity. Thermal Cycling
Technological innovations like touchscreen interfaces, programmable cycles, and real-time monitoring for enhanced accuracy and efficiency. The Advancements
Product nature, environmental conditions to simulate, chamber capacity, and price. Selection Criteria
Innovation to meet industry demands, ensuring reliability and offering bespoke solutions. Manufacturer’s Role
Essential in electronics, automotive, aerospace, and materials science for product reliability and safety. Industry Impact
Advancements for more precise control, energy efficiency, and AI integration for automated testing. Future Outlook

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