Torsion Testing Machine for Resistive Screen, Capacitive Screen and Mobile Phone Screen

The torque testing machine is used to test the twist and torsion test of earphones, mobile phones, electronic dictionaries, tablet computers, handwriting screens, PDA, MP3 and other products. The machine adopts a touch screen + PLC + stepping motor control system, which can set the number of twists, twist angle, and real-time display of the torque value. After completing the number of tests, check whether the function of the mobile phone is normal. Test Methods of Wewon’s Torsion Testing Machine as below mentioned:

Put the mobile phone or tablet computer or other mobile communication products in the state of not turning on, install the matching battery, fix it on the torsion testing machine, clamp the two ends of the mobile phone or tablet computer by 15mm, and apply the maximum equal force to no more than 2N .m , the minimum torque is not less than 0.5N.m Clockwise twisting and counterclockwise twisting are carried out alternately, the frequency is 15-30 times per minute, a total of 500 times of twisting, and then the sample is removed for function, appearance and assembly test judgment. For hand-held devices with folding, sliding and rotating structures, the test should be carried out in the closed state.

torsion testing machine
torsion testing machine
Equipment Model: WEW-STD-001-12 WEW-TSD-005-12
Torque Range: 1~5Nm (1-50 0.5Nm~10Nm (5 ~ 100
Torque Accuracy: 0.05 Nm 0.10 Nm
Twist Range: 0.5Nm~3Nm 0.5Nm~8.5Nm
Power Consumption: 500 W 750 W
Twist Angle: 360°(+/-15°) 360°(+/-15°)
Specimen Test Speed: 1~30 Times/min 5~60 Times/min
Test Workpieces: 1 Piece/Set 1 Piece/Set
Clamping Distance: 5mm ~ 220mm 5mm ~ 220mm
Fixture Clamping: Width 60mm Width 60mm
Total Number Of Twists: 0~99999 Sec 0~99999 Sec
Test Sample Size: 200*100 mm 200*100 mm
Equipment Dimension: 550*500*450mm 600*550*600mm
Working Voltage: 220V 50Hz, 10A 220V 50Hz, 15A
Gross Weight: 40 KGS 55 KGS
Torsion testing machines are designed to determine the degree of twisting or torsion which a display will withstand. This type of testing is especially important for testing mobile phone screens and other resistive and capacitive screens, as it allows new product developer to evaluate the strength and durability of the device’s display In the process of product development。

A torsion tester machine is a specialized device which is used to measure the degree of twisting or torque that a screen can withstand. This type of testing helps assess the quality, strength, and durability of mobile displays and other resistive or capacitive screens. By using this type of testing, manufacturers can ensure that their products are strong enough to handle the everyday wear and tear that comes with user interaction.
Wewon’s torsion machine suitable for torsion tests of mobile phones, and is used to test the anti-torsion performance of mobile phone casings and internal structures. Equipment Features
LCD touch screen + PLC control program control, English operation interface, easy to operate; Using high-precision torque load cell to measure torque, high precision;
Special adjustable mobile phone fixture, which can quickly clamp the mobile phone for testing; The torque value can be displayed in real time, and the test torque can be set.
Imported torque sensor, high precision force display, easy to understand operation.
The torsion speed, torsion value, torsion times and torsion residence time can be set to meet the testing requirements of the product.
The Wewon’s torsion testing machine is driven by a stepping motor, with stable torque output and low noise.

In conclusion, Torsion testers provide manufacturers with a reliable, accurate way of testing the performance characteristics of resistive and capacitive displays. By accurately simulating customer usage of products in real-life scenarios, manufacturers can ensure the highest quality products for their customers. Additionally, Digital torsion testing machines can save both time and money by eliminating the need for multiple tests that are geared towards more extreme cases.

Choosing the right torsion testing machine is essential to ensure quality and performance of your resistive or capacitive screens. If you’re unsure which model is most suited to your needs, or if you have any questions about torsion tests in general, it’s best to get advice from a professional engineer of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. An experienced technical engineer from Wewon Tech will be able to explain the different types available and provide recommendations for the most suitable machine for your application.

It is not allowed to use small-diameter tools to bend large-diameter steel bars; after each test, the test bench is lowered, and the piston does not fall to the bottom of the cylinder, so a certain distance should be left for the next use. Equipment Daily Maintenance
Electric appliances cannot be disassembled while live, otherwise the electronic components are easy to be damaged; and it must be disassembled by professionals familiar with the structure of the test equipment.
The shell must be reliably grounded; intermittent operation should be avoided during the test, otherwise it will affect the service life of the equipment, try to put it in place at one time, and reduce the number of jogs.
When the test is suspended, the oil pump motor should be turned off. All parts should be wiped and cleaned frequently, especially in the rainy season. When not in use, cover the fuselage with a dust cover to prevent dust from intruding.
Lubricate according to the specified lubricating parts and lubricating methods before starting the machine; Use AC 220V power supply, and when it is not used for a long time, it should be coated with anti-rust oil on the working surface of the machine and stored in a dry place.
All valves on the dynamometer must not be opened and placed to prevent dust from entering the room and affecting the sensitivity of the dynamometer.
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