Tumbling Barrel Test Machine for Suitcase and Bags Performance Test

Tumbling barrel test machine is designed and manufactured according to ISTA and GB test standards. The simulation test is carried out to simulate the roll and impact of travel cases and other packing cases during transportation. The suitcase and bags rolls and impacts in the drum. After the specified number of revolutions is completed, Check the damaged condition of the case as the basis for product improvement. The Tumbling barrel test machine is suitable for standard requirements such as NIKE, Adidas, Samsonite.

The suitcase drum drop test machine adopts double column guidance, the height drop times can be set, the work is stable and reliable, Edge, face and angle drop can be realized. Photoelectric control is adopted. Suitcase hexagonal roller tester can set the drop height of seven gears, or freely choose the drop height, The drop release adopts electromagnetic control, which can make the sample drop instantly, and the drop impact test is carried out on the edge, angle and plane of the packaging container.

The leather case drum drop test machine simulates the transport of suitcases and other packing cases, Subject to fall, impact, roll and other failure tests, Test the protection ability of the suitcase and the contents as the basis for product improvement. The results of the tumbling barrel test can provide valuable information to manufacturers regarding the suitability of their products for further processing, packaging, and storage. If you are looking for the tumbling barrel test machine manufacturer, Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time !

tumbling barrel test
tumbling barrel test
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Tumbling Barrel Test Machine
Equipment Model WEW-TT-4116-TS Cone Impactor Base diameter 400mm, height 150mm, R Angle R20
Drum Dimensions Diameter 2200 mm, Width 1220 mm Specimen Size 1000 x 700 x 400 mm (Max)
Roller Rotation 2r/min (adjustable speed of 1~3 r/min) Machine Size 2350 x 1600 x 2500 mm
Set Number of 0 ~ 999,999 automatic shutdown Gross Weight About 2000 Kilos
Steel Plate Size 65 mm High 8 ~ 10 mm Thick Power Supply 1∮ 220V, 50/60Hz, 15A

The case and bag test machine places the test sample into the drum cavity of the drum testing machine, With the rotation of the drum, the sample naturally tumbles and collides with the drum wall and obstacles. Thus, the samples are impacted and shaken. At a certain rate of rotation, After a certain rotation period, check the overall quality of the sample.

During the drop, the cargo carrier moves rapidly downward and then rotates, To ensure the free separation of the bracket from the packaged specimen, To achieve the free drop of the packaging specimen, Suitcase and bag-Test method for rotary drum is the real drop test bed to complete the surface, edge and Angle drop test, After the specified number of revolutions, check the damaged condition of the case and bags as the basis for quality control.

Tumbling barrel test machine equip with advanced machine structure, In the falling process, the cargo carrier moves down rapidly and then rotates. Ensure the free separation between the bracket and the packaged specimen, and realize the free drop of the packaged specimen. It is the real drop test bed to complete the surface, edge and Angle drop test.

The components of the tumbling barrel test machine: The inner cavity is a regular six-sided cylinder (the distance of sealing Angle line of the inner cavity of the drum is 2200 mm, and the depth of the drum is 1220 mm). There are five surfaces of the inner cavity with obstacles such as guide plate, baffle plate and cone. The specimen is subjected to different degrees of impact during rolling.

In vibration, shaking occasions︱Direct sunlight for case and bag test︱Hot, dusty, humid places. Using The Environment
The alternating current supplied to the suitcase drum drop test machine shall be well connected to ensure safe operation.
Do not use strong solvents (such as: benzene, nitro oil) cleaning machine.
Water and sundries shall not be injected into the machine to prevent damage of electrical components and electric shock.
The disassembly and debugging of the luggage drum tumble tester display can only be undertaken by the unit approved by the national metrology department and the company.
Keep Cleaning Keep clean at all times. Wipe the test stand with cotton cloth before and after each use to keep it clean.
Rust Prevention Spray the anti-rust oil on the metal parts of the machine surface once a week (spray for 2 hours after wiping).
Lubricating Oil Lubricate the drive parts of the machine (such as screw) regularly every month (use ordinary lubricating oil).
Maintenance Regularly check whether the control panel buttons are normal for suitcase and bag test.
tumbling barrel test machine structure
Connect the power cord (brown wire, blue wire, white wire, black wire, yellow wire). Operation Specification
Open the test door and put in the test object. Close the test door.
Turn on the power switch of luggage drum impact tester and set the counter to zero
Press the start button and the machine starts to work. The glass window is convenient to observe the test object.
When you need to see the test product halfway, press the stop button and the machine will stop working
The outer protection adopts metal protective cover, which is strong and safe. Structural Features
Track deviation induction automatic shutdown system designed to consolidate the safety factor.
Independent control cabinet design, reduce the interference of mechanical part and electric control part, reduce the failure rate.
Obstacle size: 5 groups of obstacles + plane = six sides.
Viewing window of luggage roller testing machine: Steel plate punching, safe and beautiful.
Emergency stop button for quick stop operation.
It has the function of automatically stopping when the door is opened.
Automatic stop function of drum movement deviation.
The outer protective steel plate is composed of reinforced steel plates.
Control mode for luggage durability drum testing equipment: 7-inch touch screen control, man-machine dialogue.
Display mode of luggage drum tester: Color interface display.
It has the function of automatically stopping the machine when the door is opened.
Emergency stop button for quick stop operation.
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