Type of Troubleshooting for IP X7 X8 Water Immersion Test Equipment

The IPX7 and IPX8 tests are designed to determine the level of protection a device has against water intrusion when immersed in water. The IPX7 test involves immersing the device in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, while the IPX8 test involves continuous immersion in water for a specified period of time. If you are experiencing issues with your IPX7 or IPX8 water immersion test equipment , There are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

Type of Troubleshooting for IP X7 X8 Water Immersion Test Equipment
#StatusCause ReasonTroubleshootings
1After reaching the set pressure, the motor does not operate.The controller is wired incorrectly or the contactor is damaged.1. Check whether the controller wiring is correct 2. Check whether the AC contactor is damaged
2The motor starts frequentlyThe upper and lower limit settings are too close1. Change the upper and lower limit settings. 2. Turn on the delay action function. 3. Increase the pressure tank and buffer the pressure.
3The screen shows “___”,Password protection is turned on to turn off this feature.After entering the password “1111”, you can modify the parameter settings
4The screen displays “E–F”The water shortage protection function is turned on, and the water shortage protection is in progressPress the switch key to repair, or change the setting to the appropriate water shortage value
5The screen displays “E–E”The sensor or controller circuit is damagedThe product is scrapped or sent back to the factory for repair.
6The screen displays “E–1”Automatic pressure checking is turned on to turn off this function.Press any key to return to the running state.
7The screen displays “E–“The pressure exceeds the maximum capacity or the sensor is damaged.Buck or use a larger range controller.
Turn off the switch key, press and hold the SET key for 3 seconds to enter the system settings, then press the SET key once to display the following function modes.After the setting of all function modes is completed, press the running key to automatically save the set value into the computer chip.
Functional ModeDetailed Explanation Of FunctionsFunctionSetting Method
H001/ H000 Control DelayH001: When the pressure reaches the action point, the controller does not act immediately, the delayed action, and the time of delayed action can be set.Setting the control delay can prevent the motor from starting frequently due to unstable pressure in the tube.After pressing the key to switch H001 to H000, the screen displays “0010”, which is represented as 10 seconds, change this value by (▲)(▼) keys, the unit is seconds, press the set key to save and jump out.
P001 / P000 Parameter ProtectionFunction on: Press on anything other than the key Thee key, the screen will display “—“, at this time you need to enter a password to set parameters such as upper and lower limits. Protect the upper limit, lower limit and other parameters set by the engineering personnel from being modified. When “—” is displayed, enter the password by the (▲) key, and the SET key shift, and enter the password “1111” “, press the setting button briefly to set the parameters.
匕001/匕000 Reverse ControlFunction on: normally open when the pressure is lower than the lower limit, normally closed when the pressure is above the upper limit.Implement reverse control function.Turn the function on or off by increasing the key (▲) / decreasing the key (▼).
S001 /S000 Automatic Pressure CheckFunction on: After the relay is closed, the controller will automatically disconnect the relay and display “E–1” on the screen if the pressure change is not detected for 3 minutes.Avoid the pressure caused by water source draining, water stoppage, pipeline leakage does not reach the upper limit, the pump is idling, dry burning.When the function code is displayed, turn the function on or off by increasing the key (▲) / decreasing the key (▼).
F001 / F000 Water Shortage ProtectionWhen the water pressure is lower than the set water shortage protection value, it is considered that there is no water in the pipe, and the motor is turned off, and E—-F is displayed.Same as aboveAfter switching F001 to F000, the screen flashes and displays the water shortage protection value, which is changed by the (▲)(▼) key.
L001/L000 Detection TimeWhen the water protection function is activated, if the pressure does not reach the water shortage protection pressure value within the set detection time, the relay is disconnected and E—-F is displayed.Same as aboveThe default is 20 seconds, you can enter the parameter and change this value by (▲) (▼) key. When the water shortage protection function is turned off, the function is automatically turned off.
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