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The ultrasonic flaw detector is a portable industrial non-destructive testing instrument that can detect, locate, evaluate and diagnose various defects (cracks, inclusions, pores, etc.) inside the workpiece quickly, conveniently, without damage, and accurately. It can be used both in the laboratory and on the engineering site. The portable ultrasonic flaw test machine from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a high-tech product with advanced design and well-manufacture. It has undergone strict technical evaluation during the R&D and manufacturing process, and has high reliability.

The ultrasonic flaw detector is a highly versatile device that finds its application in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing, and the chemical industry. It is particularly useful in defect detection and quality control, making it an essential tool in these fields. However, its usefulness is not limited to industries alone. It also plays a critical role in online safety inspection and life assessment in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler, and pressure vessel fields.

portable ultrasonic flaw detector
Detection Range:(0~15000)Mm
Working Frequency:(0.2~20)Mhz
Sound Speed Range: (100~20000)M/S
Repetition Frequency: (20~2000)Hz
Dynamic Range: ≥36db
Vertical Linearity Error:≤1.5%
Horizontal Linearity Error:≤0.1%
Resolution: >42db(5P14)
Sensitivity Margin:>65db (Deep 200mmФ2 Flat-Bottomed Hole)
Digital Suppression:(0~80)%, Does Not Affect Linearity And Gain
Electric Noise Level:≤10%
Probe Type: Straight Probe, Oblique Probe, Dual Element Probe, Penetrating Probe
Gate Display:Incoming Gate, Lost Gate; Single Gate Reading, Double Gate Reading, Peak Trigger, Edge Trigger
Alarm Type: Buzzer Alarm, LED Light Alarm
Power Source: Direct Current (DC) 9V; Lithium Battery Works Continuously For More Than 12 Hours
Dimensions Size: 263×170×61(Mm)
Equipment Weight: 1.92kg
Environment Temperature:(-10~50)℃
Relative Humidity: (20~95)%RH
The ultrasonic flaw test equipment is displayed in both Chinese and English, master-slave menu, and designed with shortcut keys and digital jog wheel. The machine adopts full digital true color high-resolution liquid crystal display. The style of the operation interface can be selected according to the environment, and the brightness of the liquid crystal can be set freely , The interface and waveform display are more delicate and user-friendly. The large-capacity and high-performance lithium-ion battery extends the continuous working time of the instrument to more than 12 hours; the instrument is light, small and portable, and can be held with one hand. It is durable and leads the industry trend.

With the further development of electronic technology and software technology, Ultrasonic flaw detectors for nondestructive testing has broad development prospects. It is believed that in the near future, the more advanced new generation of portable ultrasonic flawdetectors will gradually replace the traditional analog flaw detectors, and the flaw detectors based on image display will be widely used in industrial inspection. Some digital or intelligent instruments have a simple manual B-scan function, which can schematically display the cross-sectional image of the inspected workpiece. With the advancement of technology, there will be practical B-scan and C-scan functions with probe position information input, and even phased array B-scan and C-scan imaging can be implemented on portable instruments, making the detection results similar to medical B-scan ultrasound.
All-aluminum metal shell, sturdy and durable, excellent electromagnetic shielding performanceExternal Structure
The 360-degree rotating damping bracket and rubber sheath feel delicate and easy to use.
The toughened glass panel is extremely hard, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
Full Chinese display, master-slave menu, guided operation, shortcut keys and digital rotary wheel assistance, convenient operation.UI Display
Full-digital true-color LCD, with a resolution of 640X480, the interface and waveform display are more delicate and user-friendly.
4 types of operation interface styles can be selected, LCD brightness can be set freely.
Real-time screenshots of all pages and flaw detection reports, and save them as BMP pictures to U disk, which can be set as color or grayscale pictures.Screenshots pdf Inspection Reports
Export the flaw detection report as a PDF file and save it to a U disk for easy archiving and printing.
All contents of the PDF file can be customized according to user needs.
BMP pictures and PDF files can be viewed in real time on a computer or mobile phone.
Zero interface incidence: 0~15000mm (steel, longitudinal wave), continuously adjustableScope Of Test
Pulse amplitude: 100V, 200V, 250V, 300V, 350V, 400V, 450V, 500V graded selection, suitable for a wide range of probesTransmit Pulse
Pulse width: continuously adjusted within (0.0.~0.510) μs to match probes of different frequencies
Probe damping: 50Ω, 150Ω, 250Ω, 500Ω optional to meet different working requirements of sensitivity and resolution
Working mode: single crystal straight probe, single crystal oblique probe, double crystal straight probe, double crystal oblique probe, penetrating flaw detection
Hardware real-time sampling: high-resolution 16-bit AD sampling, sampling speed 320MHz, high fidelity waveformAmplify And Receive
Detection method: positive half wave, negative half wave, full wave, radio frequency detection
Filtering frequency band (0.2~20) MHz, automatic matching according to the probe frequency, without manual setting.
Gate readings: single gate and double gate reading methods are optional; peak readings in the gate
Gain: The total gain is 110dB, set to 0, 0.1dB, 1dB, 2dB, 6dB step value, unique automatic gain adjustment and scanning gain function, make flaw detection fast and accurate.
application scope of ultrasonic flaw testing equipment

The quality of ultrasonic flaw detection has always been a difficult problem, and it still mainly relies on the experience and analysis and judgment of flaw detection personnel, and the accuracy is poor. The development of modern artificial intelligence disciplines makes it possible to realize automatic defect characterization of instruments. Using pattern recognition technology and expert system, input a large number of various feature quantities of known defects into the sample library, so that the instrument can accept human experience, and after learning, it has the ability to automatically characterize defects.

When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the tested material, the acoustic characteristics of the material and the change of the internal structure will have a certain influence on the propagation of the ultrasonic wave. Ultrasonic detection methods usually include penetration method, pulse reflection method, tandem method, etc. The portable ultrasonic flaw detector usually emits ultrasound to the measured object (such as industrial materials, human body), and then uses its reflection, Doppler effect, transmission, etc. to obtain the internal information of the measured object and process it into an image.

Foreign companies such as GE Testing Technology, R/D TECH, Siemens, IMASONIC, etc. have launched commercialized portable ultrasonic phased array testing equipment and large-scale ultrasonic phased array testing systems. For example, the GE Phasor XS phased array ultrasonic flaw detector can perform simultaneous multi-angle inspections at one time, and can switch between conventional ultrasonic and phased array modes at will.
Gate A and Gate B have the same effect, the door position, door width, and door height can be adjusted arbitrarily; you can choose to set the incoming wave alarm or the missing wave alarm; and it is accompanied by an LED light-emitting display Gate Alarm
The ultrasonic flaw detector from Wewon Tech has a built-in mass memory, so data and files will not be lost due to power failure of the instrument. Data Storage
Supports 500 groups of testing parameter channels and 1000 groups of testing reports, and can adjust the combined parameters of various probes and instruments in advance, and freely set testing standards for various industries.
The flaw detection channel and flaw detection report can be exported through the USB interface or U disk, and the flaw detection information can be stored unlimitedly through the U disk
The instrument supports the recording of the flaw detection process and saves it as a video file, which can be played back through the instrument or special software.
The machine supports a maximum of 10 video files, and each video file can be up to 5 minutes long. Video Function
There is no limit to the number and duration of recording through U disk recording. Recording and playing back the inspection process provides great convenience for learning inspection, and it is also convenient to save the inspection process for future analysis.
Playback supports pause, fast forward, fast rewind, and stop functions
Flaw detection standards: built-in common flaw detection standards in various industries, directly call, convenient and fast Flaw Detection Function
Automatic calibration: automatic calibration function of probe zero point and probe angle (K value); automatic sound velocity measurement function
Wave crest memory: retrieve the highest wave of defects in real time and record the maximum value of defects
Defect location: real-time display of defect level, depth (vertical), sound path position
Defect quantification: real-time display of defect equivalent dB value or equivalent size
Defect qualitative: through the echo envelope waveform, it is convenient for human experience to judge
Curved surface correction: used for flaw detection of curved surface workpieces, which can display the circumferential position of defects in real time
DAC/AVG: The curve is automatically generated, the sampling point is not limited, and compensation and correction are possible. The curve automatically floats with the gain, automatically expands with the sound path, and automatically moves with the delay. It can display the AVG curve of any aperture.
AWS D1.1: The American Welding Society standard provides a dynamic reflector “missing rating” for various AWS weld inspection applications. It can avoid manual calculation and improve detection efficiency.
Crack height measurement: automatically measure and calculate the crack height by using end-point diffraction waves.
In-door widening: zoom in the details of the echo for easy echo analysis
Continuous recording: real-time recording of waveforms, storage and playback
Waveform freeze: freeze the waveform displayed on the screen for easy defect analysis
Echo coding: display 1~9 echo display area in different colors, which is convenient for judging the defect position
Peak Marker: Capture and mark the peak value in real time
B-scan: real-time scanning, cross-sectional display, which can display the shape of workpiece defects, making the detection result more intuitive.
Tracking records of real-time flaw detection date and time, and record storage.
The USB2.0 high-speed communication transmission interface supports U disk mode and data connection mode, which can easily and quickly backup data to a PC. You can also use special software to upload and download data via USB. Real Time Clock
The USB2.0 high-speed communication transmission interface supports U disk mode and data connection mode, which can easily and quickly backup data to a PC. You can also use special software to upload and download data via USB. Communication Interface
High-capacity lithium battery module, continuous working time reaches more than 12 hours. Battery Module
You can set the waveform color, waveform filling and peak mark in the gate Display Waveform
The maximum repetitive emission frequency of this machine can be set to 2000Hz, or it can be upgraded to higher according to user needs. In principle, the upper limit can be achieved according to the detection range, sound velocity and emission width Repetitive Emission Frequency
It only takes two steps to complete the upgrade function. Users can upgrade the program to the latest version by themselves. The upgrade will not cause the machine to be blacked or damaged. Upgrade Procedure
ultrasonic flaw detector

When using the phased array mode, the sector scanning function of Phasor XS greatly improves the defect detection capability. Only one scan is required to cover a large area of inspection, which greatly improves the efficiency of inspection work. Operators can easily achieve multiple angles and depths of focus with one probe without changing probes or wedges.

The development speed of portable ultrasonic flaw testing equipment is extremely rapid, and its flaw detection efficiency and flaw detection rate have a qualitative leap. Internationally leading manufacturers of ultrasonic flaw detection instruments include: American Panametrics, United States PAC, American GE, German Krautkraemer, United Kingdom Sonatest, British Ultrasonic Sciences, French SOFRATEST, etc.
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The EPOCH 4 Plus portable ultrasonic flaw detector produced by American Panametrics is portable and easy to operate. The ultrasonic flaw detector USN60 of German Krautkraemer Company is a portable ultra-detector of automatic scanning system. It integrates analog performance and digital advantages, and the scanning range in metal can reach 27940mm. The USD10 intelligent ultrasonic flaw detector produced by German KrautKraemer can realize automatic flaw detection and display the position and value of defects.
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 1 Piece
Straight Probe 1 Piece
Inclined Probe 1 Piece
Power Adapter 1 Piece
BNC Probe Cable 1 Piece
U Disk Storage 1 Piece
Shoulder Strap 1 Piece
Instruction Manual 1 Piece
Certificate File 1 Piece
Warranty Card 1 Piece
Test Report 1 Piece
Instrument Box 1 Piece
In the ultrasonic flaw detector, the Doppler effect method is to use the Doppler frequency shift effect that occurs when ultrasound encounters a moving object to obtain the moving direction and speed of the object; the transmission method is to analyze the ultrasonic penetration through the tested object. The application of the internal characteristics of the object obtained from the subsequent changes of the object is still in the development stage; here is the most widely used method to obtain the internal characteristics of the object through the reflection method.

The Wewon’s ultrasonic flaw testing equipment is a portable, all-digital ultrasonic flaw detector, which can detect, locate and evaluate various defects (welding, cracks, inclusions, pores, etc.) inside the workpiece quickly, without damage, and accurately. It can be used in both laboratory and engineering field. This instrument can be widely used in manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, metal processing, chemical industry and other fields that require defect detection and quality control. It is also widely used in in-service safety inspections in aerospace, railway transportation, boiler and pressure vessels, etc. and lifespan assessment.

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