Universal Testing Machine with Climatic Chamber

Universal testing machine with climatic chamber is suitable for constant temperature comprehensive mechanical performance testing of adhesive tape, metal, non-metal, rubber, wire, electronic products, chips, FPC and other products. It is mainly used to test the tensile, compression, bending, bending, tearing, shearing, sticking and other properties of materials under high temperature and high and low temperature conditions. Universal testing machine with climatic chamber can test the physical properties of various materials, finished products and semi-finished products such as tension, compression, bending and shearing, Various fixtures can be purchased for tensile, compressive, tensile, compressive, bending, tearing, peeling, adhesion, shear and other tests.

Universal Testing Machine with Climatic ChamberUniversal Testing Machine with Climatic ChamberUniversal Testing Machine with Climatic Chamber
Equipment Model UTM-0250N-001-TS UTM-1000N-05S-2E UTM-5000N-8EX-TK
Load Capacity 100N, 250N, 500N 1kN, 2.5kN, 5kN 10kN, 20kN
Unit Conversion N, kN, kgf, lbf, MPa, Lbf/ln2, kgf/mm2
Temperature Range RT +10℃ ~ +200℃ -20℃ ~ +150℃ -60℃ ~ +200℃
Humidity Range N/A N/A 20% ~ 98%
Inner Test Room W220*D280*H600mm W220*D280*H600mm W400*D400*H600mm
Accuracy Class 0.5 Level 0.5 Level 0.5 Level
Load Resolution 1/500,000 (0.5 Level) 1/500,000 (0.5 Level) 1/250,000 (1.0 Level)
Testing Speed 0.05 ~ 500mm/min 0.50 ~ 1000mm/min 0.50 ~ 500mm/min
Speed Accuracy ±0.25% (0.5 Level) ±0.25% (0.5 Level) ±0.50% (1.0 Level)
Downtime Instructions: Overload Shutdown|Emergency Stop Button|Automatic Shutdown Of Sample Damage|Upper and Lower Limit Setting Automatic Shutdown|Automatic Reset Function
Displacement Resolution 0.00004 mm 0.00004 mm 0.00005 mm
Drive Rod TBI Ball Screw TBI Ball Screw AC Speed Motor
Equipment Dimension W795*D1500*H2300mm W795*D1500*H2300mm W995*D1500*H2300mm
Power Voltage AC 220V, 50Hz, 1 Phase AC 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase AC 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Equipment Weight 450 KGS 485 KGS 680 KGS
Standard Configuration: Clamp Extension Rod, Fixture 1 Set, Computer Software, USB Data Transmission Cable for Computer.

A UTM with a climatic chamber can be used for a variety of purposes, such as examining the performance and durability of electronic components and devices in extreme temperatures and humidity levels, testing mechanical parts and components under highly accelerated vibration conditions, assessing the waterproofness of products under simulated rain or immersion, testing automotive components in extreme road conditions over extended periods of time. It can also be used to examine the effects of solar radiation on materials and track the performance of an entire product line during its lifetime.

It’s important to understand how to conduct tests in different environments when using a high-low temperature universal testing machine. Depending on what kind of tests you are conducting, there can be various parameters such as temperature, humidity, and pressure that need to be considered. During the test, it is crucial to ensure that conditions remain consistent and within the specified limits for the duration of the test. Additionally, testing must be performed according to industry regulations and standards for accuracy.

Test Specimen Type Use the Universal Testing Machine with Climatic Chamber for Types of Material Testing Temp Range F Max .
Tensile Test ISO 527-1 Plastics -Determination of tensile properties – Part 1: General Principles -70 to 250℃ 20 kN
Tensile Test ISO 527-2 Plastics – Determination of Tensile Properties – Part 2: Test Conditions for Moulding and Extrusion Plastics -70 to 250℃ 20 kN
Tensile Test ASTM D638 Standard Test Method for Tensile Properties of Plastics -70 to 250℃ 20 kN
Tensile Test ISO 13934-1 Textiles -Tensile Properties of Fabrics – Part 1: Determination of Maximum Force and Elongation at Maximum Force Using the Strip Method -70 to 250℃ 20 kN
Tear Strength Test ISO 13937-2 Textiles -Tear Properties of Fabrics – Part 2: Determination of Tear Force of Trouser-Shaped Test Specimens (Single Tear Method) -70 to 200℃ 20 kN
Flexure Test ISO 14125 Fibre-reinforced Plastic Composites – Determination of Flexural Properties -70 to 250℃ 10 kN
Flexure Test EN 2562 Aerospace Series – Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics – Unidirectional Laminates – Flexural Test Parallel to the Fibre Direction -70 to 250℃ 10 kN
Flexure Test ASTM D7264/D7264M Standard Test Method for Flexural Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials -70 to 250℃ 10 kN
Flexure Test ASTM D790 Standard Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials -70 to 250℃ 10 kN
Compression Test ASTM D695 Standard Test Method for Compressive Properties of Rigid Plastics -70 to 200℃ 20 kN
Compression Test SACMA SRM 1R-94 Compressive Properties of Oriented Fiber-Resin Composites -70 to 200℃ 20 kN
Compression Test DIN 6537 Solid-hardmetall Twist Drills with Stepped Parallel Shank – Dimensions -70 to 200℃ 20 kN
Shear Test ASTM D5379/D5379M Standard Test Method for Shear Properties of Composite Materials by the V-Notched Beam Method -70 to 250℃ 9 kN

When using a UTM with a high and low temperature test, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s manual and adhere to industry standards. If you are having trouble with the system, check if there is any possible interference that might be affecting it. Ensure that all components have been properly calibrated and configured in the software, double-check all test data, and try checking the voltage of instruments and power sources to ensure they are at the right level. Additionally, make sure you understand each step in the test procedure so you can identify any issues prior to their becoming problematic|3000 mm Height Tensile Tester with Temperature and Humidity Test

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High low temp universal testing machine is suitable for industries such as electronics, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, metal materials and products, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, paper products and color printing packaging, adhesive tapes, luggage and handbags, textile fibers, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Wewon’s tension compression testing machine with high low temperature test can test the physical properties of materials such as tension, compression, tearing, shearing, peeling, unwinding, and loop initial adhesion in different humidity and temperature environments. When using normal temperature test, the constant temperature and humidity chamber can be removed to increase the use space and convenience.

High and low temperature universal testing machine is widely used in mechanical tests of materials in a constant temperature environment. It is composed of a high-precision tensile testing machine and a high and low temperature test chamber. The universal testing system with heating cooling chamber can perform tensile compression, bending, tearing, shearing, peeling and other tests on metal or non-metal materials under constant temperature conditions

Precautions Before Use: Before use, pay attention to check the fastening condition of the sample held by the fixture. It is strictly forbidden to hit the lifting screw with hard objects, and apply lubricating oil on time. When disassembling and installing the fixture, the action should be stable, avoid collision, and the tightness of the fixture should be checked frequently.

When opening the universal testing machine fixture to clamp the sample, attention should be paid to the clamping distance of the sample, not too much or too little. When replacing the fixture of the high low temperature universal testing equipment, attention should be paid to coordination to prevent damage. For the parameters to be printed, check whether the printer has paper before printing and replenish it in time.

After the operation is completed, the universal testing machine should be turned off according to the program requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to cut off the power directly. The annual inspection system is strictly implemented, and the parameters of the universal testing machine with climatic test chamber are regularly authenticated by the national metrology and appraisal institution.

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Notes When Running: Universal testing machine with high temperature test is absolutely forbidden to heat or test explosive, flammable and highly corrosive substances. Otherwise it will cause unnecessary loss, or the machine cannot test it. The amount of test objects placed should not affect the air volume circulation of the test box, otherwise it will affect the performance of the machine. The door should be closed and tightly closed when using, otherwise the temperature and humidity will leak out and cannot reach the performance area. Designate personnel to operate the machine to avoid early damage to the machine.

There is a test hole on the left side of the Climatic chamber’s, which can be connected to the test line in the box for use. When you want to observe the changes in the box during the test, you can turn on the LED light at the window position, and observe the changes in the sample in the box through the window. When operating below 0°C, try to avoid opening the door, because at low temperature, if you open the door, it will easily cause the internal evaporator and other parts to freeze. If you must open it, you should shorten the time as much as possible.

When the low-temperature operation is completed, be sure to set the temperature condition +60°C and carry out drying treatment for about half an hour before opening the door, so as not to affect the measurement time of the next operating condition or the phenomenon of evaporator freezing or damage to the test object.

Universal testing machine with climatic chamber can perform tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, three-point bending, four-point bending tests. It can calculate the maximum force, yield force, average peel force, maximum deformation, yield point, elastic modulus and other parameters. Equipment Features
Universal testing machine with temperature humidity test can perform closed-loop control of force value, deformation and position. Through script control, it can even realize cycle (fatigue) and arbitrary curve control.
The use of optically isolated USB2.0 communication interface completely solves the damage of computer serial port or circuit board serial port caused by different grounds, and realizes the hot swapping of computer and testing machine circuits. The sensing system adopts Vishay Ambrose, a world famous sensor manufacturer, which has high precision, good linearity and very stable performance.
The power system adopts Japanese Panasonic AC servo motor, which ensures the synchronous precision of the transmission. It has the characteristics of high transmission precision, high efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, and long service life without maintenance.
The imported motor drives the high-precision ball screw, and adopts full digital pulse control, so as to realize the wide-range adjustment of the test speed from 0.001 to 500mm/min. Complete the tensile, compression, bending, bending and other tests on metal and non-metal materials.
The gauge length measurement system adopts Taiwan’s high-precision large-deformation extensometer measuring device, which cooperates with special rubber and plastic material measurement and control software to accurately test the elongation of the rubber gauge length of “25mm”.
Universal testing machine has a force measurement accuracy better than 0.5 grade, a force value resolution of 1/200,000, and a deformation measurement resolution of up to 0.0001mm. The base is supplemented by high-grade spray-treated aluminum alloy profile columns.

-40℃ ~ 200℃ High Low Temperature Tensile Testing Machine|The temperature tensile testing machine adopts the latest design concepts and manufacturing technologies, the integration of precision oven and tensile testing machine as a new model, is designed to simulate the physical properties of various materials testing improved models in different environmental conditions, if install of high-low temperature test chamber on this machine, can be test the materials physical characteristics of tensile, pressure, shear at different temperature. Read more…

Wewon’s universal testing machine with climatic chamber adopts the latest design concept, integrates precision high and low temperature and tensile testing machine, adopts modular design, and has a complete range of accessories and flexible matching. It is suitable for tensile, compression, tearing and other mechanical properties tests of rubber, plastic, wire and cable, textiles, waterproof materials, non-woven fabrics and other non-metallic materials and metal materials under different temperature and humidity environments.

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