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UV Light Sterilizer can send out a large number of 185~253.7nm (UVC) ultraviolet ray, UV light room sterilizer have strong disinfection effect. UV lamp sterilizer is mainly used in medical and health care, bacteria research, pharmaceutical industry and the surface of various objects and water or liquid photochemical reaction and air disinfection and other fields. Ultraviolet light kills viruses and has no effect on the use of masks. Referring to the data of SARS coronavirus, the SARS virus can be killed in 30 minutes at a distance of 80-90 cm and at a strength greater than 90 microwatt/cm2.

Working Principle of UV Light Sterilizer : Ultraviolet sterilization is through ultraviolet irradiation, destroy and change the microbial NDA(deoxyribonucleic acid) structure, make the bacteria immediately dead or unable to reproduce offspring, achieve the purpose of sterilization. What really kills bacteria is UVC. Because C-band UV is easily absorbed by the DNA of the organism, especially at about 253.7 nm.

Ultraviolet sterilization is a pure physical disinfection method, with simple and convenient, wide and efficient, no secondary pollution. Easy to manage and realize the advantage such as automation, with each kind of new design ultraviolet lamp tube roll out, the application range of ultraviolet disinfection also is expanding ceaselessly. The lamp tube of general uv light sterilizer use quartz glass to make, because quartz glass has very high transmittance to ultraviolet wave band, achieve 80%~90%, it is the best material that makes sterilization lamp.

UV Light Sterilizer
UV Light Sterilizer
Product Model UVC Sterilizer-38W UVC Sterilizer-100W UVC Sterilizer-150W
Power Rate 38 Watt c100 Watt 150 Watt
Electric Current 425 mA 855 mA 1000 mA
Screw Diameter 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm
UVC Irradiation 150 (uw/m2) 220 (uw/m2) 270 (uw/m2)
Life Time 8000 ~ 10000 H 8500 ~ 10000 H 8250 ~ 10000 H
Applying Space 10㎡~ 30㎡ 40㎡~ 70㎡ 70㎡~ 120㎡
Machine Size 185*435 mm 225*500 mm 375*585 mm
Power Voltage AC 220V, 50Hz AC 230V, 50Hz AC 110V, 60Hz

The UV light sterilizer has two main spectral lines: 254nm and 185nm. 254nm ultraviolet rays kill bacteria by shining on the DNA of microorganisms. 185nm uv turns 02 into 03(ozone) in the air. Ozone has a strong oxidation effect, which can effectively kill bacteria. The dispersion of ozone can just make up for the fact that ultraviolet rays only travel along a straight line and disinfection has a dead corner. You may also have the interest to know the lamps of UV light sterilizer

It’s important to note that the 185nm wavelength of UV light is particularly effective in turning oxygen into ozone, which is known for its powerful oxidizing properties. This makes it a great complement to the 254nm wavelength, as it can effectively reach into corners and other areas that may not be directly exposed to the UV light. In another words, UV light sterilizers are an incredibly powerful and efficient method of disinfection, and their two main spectral lines offer unique benefits that make them even more effective at killing harmful bacteria.

UV light sterilizer can be in 20 to 30 minutes, eliminate hospital bacteria, resistant bacteria virus 99.9%. Ultraviolet room sterilizer most suitable for hospitals, medical institutions, nursing homes, kindergartens and other weak immunity in the prevention of infants, the elderly bacterial infection. 1. Strong Germicidal Force
Use Range of UV Light Sterilizer
Eliminate dust mites that inhabit mattresses, bedding and other bedding, carpets, sofas, children’s dolls and covers, bathroom matting and other places, and solve the occurrence of genetic allergies, rhinitis, asthma and other allergies. 2. Uv Lamp Sterilizer Can Get Rid Of Mites
Any place that needs sterilization, can carry aquarium uv light sterilizer to undertake sterilization does not encourage bacterium to be able to bear resistance and mutation to differ with chemical drug, cannot make bacterium becomes strong, need not add quantity, do not encourage mutation, beneficial to human body. 3. Where They Need To Be Sterilized

UV light sterilizers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to disinfect and sterilize a wide variety of items. These devices use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that may be present on surfaces. While UV light sterilizers can be effective in reducing the spread of germs, it is important to take certain precautions when using them. Here are some important attention and notices to keep in mind when using a UV light sterilizer:

1. Avoid Direct Exposure: UV light can be harmful to humans, so it is important to avoid direct exposure to the light. When using a UV light sterilizer, make sure that you are not in the same room or area as the device. If you need to be in the same room, make sure that you are wearing protective eyewear and clothing that covers your skin.

2. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a UV light sterilizer. This includes the recommended distance between the device and the item being sterilized, the duration of the sterilization process, and any other safety precautions that should be taken.

3. Keep Out of Reach of Children: UV light sterilizers should be kept out of reach of children. These devices can be dangerous if they are not used properly, and children may not understand the potential risks associated with them.

4. Use on Appropriate Surfaces: UV light sterilizers are designed to be used on certain types of surfaces. It is important to make sure that the item being sterilized is appropriate for use with a UV light sterilizer. For example, some materials may be damaged by the UV light and should not be sterilized using this method.

How long does it take for uv light to sterilizer a toothbrush ? The surface of lamp tube should often or every two weeks or so, use alcohol cotton ball to wipe gently, go out the dirt of the surface and grease, in order to reduce the influence that penetrates to ultraviolet ray.
When ultraviolet disinfection, because inside the room maintains airtight ultraviolet ray cannot shine to be covered shade, when using, should notice illuminate the ultraviolet ray that contains ozone comprehensively can have stronger double disinfection effect.
Generally about 30 minutes can achieve the disinfection effect classroom, workshop and other relatively large space, it is recommended to continue disinfection for 1 hour.
The lamp can radiate out the front 253.7nm or 185nm short wave ultraviolet (UVC band), in the absence of protective measures, the ultraviolet will cause direct damage to the human body, disinfection must not direct irradiation to the human body or animals.
In the place that has personnel activity, Ultraviolet room sterilizer cannot use ozone lamp tube commonly, because ozone can promote the hemoglobin of human body to congeal, cause human body to offer oxygen inadequacy, produce giddy, disgusting feeling, affect healthy body, Especially in the ozone concentration > 0.3 PPM (mg / ㎡), will cause serious harm to human body.
Quartz lamp tube after use for a period of time will gradually aging, ultraviolet irradiation intensity will occur recession, in order to achieve the effect of thorough disinfection, should regularly detect the irradiation intensity of quartz lamp, found that the intensity is not enough should be replaced immediately.
Attention Notice

UV light sterilizer is a tool to sterilize and disinfect with the sterilizing effect of ultraviolet. Since the wavelength range of sterilized ultraviolet (UV-C) is 185nm to 253.7nm, this band has the strongest sterilizing ability and can be used to sterilize water, air and clothes. Therefore, we recommend that surgical masks or N95 masks be sterilized with ultraviolet light in this range. The ultraviolet room sterilizer produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is at the wavelength of 185 to 254nm.

The use of UV light sterilizers to disinfect surgical and N95 masks is especially important given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus can survive on surfaces for prolonged periods of time, it’s important to thoroughly disinfect masks in order to prevent the spread of infection. Sterilizing masks with UV light is a highly effective and efficient method, and many healthcare facilities have started to incorporate it into their daily routines.

The ultraviolet room sterilizer produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., which operates at wavelengths ranging from 185 to 254nm, is an excellent example of the kind of advanced technology that’s available to help combat the spread of infectious diseases. By utilizing the power of UV light, we can help keep ourselves and our communities safe and healthy.

The aquarium uv light sterilizer for water is for indoor use only. Power supply is not allowed in the packages. Do not allow children to take uv disinfection lamp to play|How long do i have to leave for uv lamp sterilizer ?
Leave immediately after the tube is lit so as not to harm your eyes. Ultraviolet room sterilizer can be equipped with wireless remote control socket, timer and other intelligent switching power supply, remote open.
Do not use in severe high temperature or humid environment and beyond the range of rated voltage and current, so as not to affect the lamp tube life and cause safety hazards.
If the lamp tube is damaged or broken, it should be cleaned immediately. If it cannot be used again, please do not disassemble the lamp tube and the film. If the product fails, it should be returned to the original factory for repair.
In case of uv burns or safety accidents caused by improper operation, the company shall be obliged to inform consumers of the correct use of the product, but shall not be liable for the relevant accident or treatment costs.
Use Warning
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