UV Radiation Chamber for IEC 61646 & IEC 61215

UV light radiation test is an irradiance test to discover out to which prolong solar panels are inclined to ultraviolet (UV) degradation and as a result overall performance losses. The Wewon’s UV radiation chamber for IEC 61646; IEC 61215 test standard, which is basically utilized to solar panel certification and research, is normally carried out earlier than the thermal cycle and humidity rapidly tests. The UV radiation test is carried out at a temperature of +60°C ±5°C, whilst subjected to UV irradiation (UVA + AVB and UVB).

In PV modules testing, many exclusive factors are uncovered to the sunlight. Therefore, the IEC 61215 defines a UV preconditioning test (MQT 10) to test at whether or not these elements can face up to the UV radiation of the sun. In Weson’s uv radiation chamber, the UV radiation is up to 5 times the solar depth to speed up the test, as requested in the UV preconditioning test.

During the test, the module temperature is stored steady at +60°C in a distinct temperature chamber. We supply our UV light test chamber solutions which include the records acquisition unit, radiation and temperature sensors. For waste warmness disposal, the uv chamber is geared up with a water/air warmth exchanger that can be related to a bloodless water grid. This minimizes the warmness load in the room have been the machine is installed.
Test Area 2400 x 1400 mm
Inhomogeneity of Irradiance The irradiance should better than 15%
Intensity of Light Max 250 W/m2
Doses for the Tests 15kWh for IEC 61215 and 60kWh for IEC 61730
Sensors & Lamps UVA, UVB and PT100
Test Standards IEC61215-2; IEC61215-1-1; IEC61215-1-2; IEC61215-1-3; IEC61215-1-4; IEC61730-2
Test Standards UV preconditioning test (Section 4.10 IEC61215-2)
Test Standards Can accommodate the relevant test requirements of IEC61215 ED2(2021) Draft
Prior to project take-over, the contractor shall conduct a comprehensive training to DEWA’s researchers and technicians at DEWA’s premises, at its own facilities and/or at the project site. The training shall follow the training requirements mentioned in this section, additionally, it shall include but not be limited to: introduction to the equipment design and specifications, operation and maintenance, software, and all other aspects required to enable DEWA staff to independently operate, maintain, and calibrate the equipment based on their designated expertise level.

With the UVB-313 and UVA-340 lamps with 100W as the light source, the uv radiation chamber for IEC testing is simulating the solar to generate the UV light, for different material persistence testing. From the temperature shut loop control, it is capable to make adjustment to the irradiance degree for stability. At the equal time, time interval is controlled.

UV Radiation Chamber for IEC 61646 & IEC 61215

The UV radiation chamber used to be designed to meet the necessities of PV module check labs, certification our bodies and lookup institutes for quick UV preconditioning check in accordance to the modern-day IEC standards.
The uv chamber can be optimized to suit from 2 up to 6 PV modules, irradiance degree is up to 250 W/m² and mild non-uniformity is higher than 15%. The temperature range is +55ºC ~ +65ºC to meet the norm requirements.
UV Test Chambers manufactured by means of Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. simulates the solar through producing UV light for material testing.
UV irradiation doses: 15 kWh/m² for IEC 61215 and 60 kWh/m² for IEC 61730
Wewon’s gorgeous UV test chambers are made from SUS 304 stainless steel and function UV lamps life of round 1200 hours. The Intensity of the mild supply can be adjusted with the uniformity vary of +15%.
The mild supply is a 100W UV light placed at a single or each facets of the chamber at a top of 1700mm. With the pryadiometer and current managed UV lamp system, the UV lamp’s intensity can be adjusted from the stage of modern flow.
In extra to the UV check a Bypass diode check is required to get right of entry to the adequacy of the thermal format and relative long-term reliability of the skip diodes used to restrict the dangerous results of module hot-spot susceptibility.
Wewon have mixed each the UV and Bypass check into one piece of tools therefore providing their clients a vast discount in set up space.
The Wewon’s UV radiation chamber can warmth the module to a temperature of +72 °C ± 3 °C. and measure / document the temperature of the modules to an accuracy of ±1 °C. and additionally measure the junction voltage of the skip diodes to an accuracy of 0.2
Wewon grant a full set of system that additionally permits cutting-edge equal to 1.25 instances the STC brief -circuit present day of to be utilized to the module underneath check and the capability for monitoring the float of modern-day thru the module, at some point of the test.
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The training program and contents shall be submitted to DEWA at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the training program for DEWA’s review and approval. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to plan the training so that it is complete prior to the commencement of Tests on Completion and to ensure prior to Taking Over that Employer’s staff are fully competent to operate and maintain the supplied equipment in accordance with the design. Failure in this regard would necessitate additional training at the Contractor’s expense and may delay the issue of Taking Over Certificates. Trainings might be provided by the equipment manufacturers or by a party highly capable and experienced with such equipment. This case would be subject to clear evidences about the capability and experience of such party.
IEC61215-2; IEC61215-1-1; IEC61215-1-2; IEC61215-1-3; IEC61215- 1-4; IEC61730-2 Tests Capability
UV preconditioning test (Section 4.10 IEC61215-2)
Can accommodate the relevant test requirements of IEC61215 ED2 (2021) Draft
Area can accommodate at least one special module (Approx. 2.4 m x 1.4 m) or two standard PV modules. (Approx 2 m x 1 m). With a non-uniformity better than 15 Test Plane
Thermal System: ~ Range: 55 ℃ to 65 ℃ ;~ Accuracy: ± 2 ℃;~ Precision: ± 0.5 ℃ Components & Technical 
Temperature sensor: Pt100 (3 units). One for air temperature sensor and two for movable temperature sensor with long wires (3.5 m).
Temperature regulation has to be switchable between air temperature sensor and movable temperature sensors (for mounting on PV module)
UV Source: ~ Individual control of the lamps per module (switch on/off, regulation)
Maximum Irradiance in the UV range: < 250 W/m2
Visible and infrared components of the irradiance should be as low as possible.
Non-uniformity: 15% or better, Exchangeable lamps; UV Lamps for IEC 61215-2;~ UVC: (< 0.1%) ; UVB: (3% to 10% of total UV) ; UVA: (90% to 97% of total UV)
Instrumentation capable of measuring, monitoring and recording the irradiance of the UV light produced by the light source at the test plane in the wavelength ranges of 280 nm to 320 nm and 320 nm to 400 nm with an uncertainty of ± 15% or better.
“System to evacuate energy generated by PV modules: At least 2 PV modules ; Minimum capacity: 400 W per module. 
Main functions: ~ Monitoring and recording data from test (temperature, UVA and UVB irradiance) ; ~ Integration of the UVB, UVA and UV irradiance. Software
Programming of tests Visualization of monitored parameters, Time-programmed start of tests.
The rest of requirements not described in this document, are described in the relevant IEC and Qualification Plus standards, so they must be consulted. Other Considerations
Holder and mounting system for PV modules parallel to test plane. Accessories
One feedthroughs (with a min diameter of 100 mm). On each side of chamber will be preferred.
All utilities needed for successful installation and commissioning of the equipment shall be provided based on prior evaluation.
The calibration device/equipment shall be included in the proposal, along with comprehensive training on the calibration process.
Rack or system for all the electronic equipment described with safety protections.
Wires installed inside the climatic chamber will be of reinforced insulation and resistant to the working ambient conditions.
Insulated wires rated for the intended test voltage
Uniformity measurement system. It can be compatible with the other equipment that requires uniformity measurements.
Computer for uv radiation chamber, monitor (19” at least) all hardware software required for the control of the equipment.
uv light test chamber

Temperature probes shall be calibrated in the range +10 ℃ to +85 ℃ (at least in 4 points) Calibrations
The calibration certificates shall be delivered.
The calibration period of this equipment is 1 year.
The proposal shall include the calibration for additional 3 years.
Checking of the main specifications (uniformity in area required). Commissioning tests
Checking of the spectrum of each type of lamp.
UV test according to IEC 61215-2 for 2 PV standard modules.
After commissioning tests, UV test to both samples will continue until final dose is reached.
Prior to take-over the contractor shall provide all necessary documentation of the supplied equipment and systems in English language, including but not limited to: Documentation
Equipment datasheets and Instruction Manuals
Detailed schematic drawings of equipment installation
Detailed Operation & Maintenance manuals, including consignment inventory or on-site spare parts recommended.
Documentation shall be prepared in accordance with the relevant ISO standards or equivalent
LIGHT SOURCE: The core factor of the UV light is 70mm (for every group) to make certain uniformity UV light is 1700mm in height, positioned at each facets or one facet as per sketch specification. We additionally can grant one facet is capable to location the photo voltaic module of up to two piece of 1 metres x 2 metres each. (For Special requirement, we can construct a uv test chamber of the dimension to aid two or four giant PV Panels of 1.2 metres x 2.2 metres , the light sources will be at the facet of each uv chamber wall and the PV will be positioned at the middle of the chamber again to returned going through the UV lights.

The uv light’s power is 100W (UVA and UVB lamps) The UV lamps are hooked up at the one or each facets of the instrument. The UVA/UVB lamps spectrum basically round the vary of 313nm and 340 nm, Spreading round 280~400nm. The UV lamp’s current is controlled, thereby capable to make adjustment of the intensity of the light source with the uniformity range of ±15% as per IEC 61215 and IEC 61646 test standard. With the Pyronometers and current managed uv radiation lamp solution, the intensity of the light can be adjusted from the level of current flow. Lamp life time is about 1200 hours.

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PC with PID Temperature Control. Temperature Control
Specimen surface irradiance uniformity: ±15%.
+60℃ ±5.0℃
PT-100 Temp Sensor, it is precision controlling method for front and rear sides of the Solar module.
0~9999hrs, accumulative time and power off information recording. Timing Interval
Power will be cut off when the door is opened,and the temperature will be in the cooling stage automatically. Safety door conform to IEC047-5-1 Standard. Protective Door
When the chamber temperature exceeding 85℃, The temperature control system will cut off the power supply to the lamp and heating device and proceed to the cooling stage automatically. Temperature Protection
Electrically controlled for distance adjustment. Specimen Cart
Including Automatic X -Y Data Acquisition Measurement.
SUS304# Stainless Steel with stainless coating. Chamber Material
Power Source: 380V±5%, 3 phase,50/60HZ,30A. Operation Environment
Climate: 5~35C, Low humidity、minimum distance from the wall is 300 mm,Well ventilation, water cooling system.
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