UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Test Equipment Comply with ISO 4892-1 and EN 60335-1

The UVC 254nm ultraviolet light test equipment simulates the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light and tests the weather resistance of the material under test by exposing it to light at controlled high temperatures. It uses ultraviolet lamps to simulate the effects of sunlight over a period of days or weeks. UVC 254nm irradiation equipment can cause damage that would take months or even years to occur outdoors, These include fading, color change, tarnishing, powdering, cracking, wrinkling, foaming, embrittlement, reduction of oxidation and so on.

Its test results can be used to select new materials, improve existing materials, or evaluate material formulation changes. This equipment simulates the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet light and exposes the materials to controlled high temperatures for days or weeks. This enables researchers and manufacturers to evaluate how well materials perform under simulated conditions, gathering data on their resistance to environmental factors that would normally take months or even years to manifest in real-world conditions. The test results obtained from UVC 254nm irradiation equipment can be used to select new materials, improve existing ones, or evaluate material formulation changes.

Eight Pieces UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Assembled PHILIPS UVC 254nm TUV 36W TU Tube Package Photo
Test Room Photo for UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Test Equipment Water Spray Structure for UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Machine
UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Installed in the Test Room Tube Interface of UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light
UVC 254nm ultraviolet light test equipment comply with ISO 4892-1 (modified version) and EN 60335-1 Appendix T. The machine is equipped with 8 pieces UVC254 ultraviolet fluorescent lamps with rated power of 36W. Continuous life of each UVC254 lamp is more than 6000 hours. For good test performance purpose, Preferably, UVC 254nm machine can be installed in an air-conditioned room. This will keep the room temperature between 21℃ and 27℃, humidity ≤ 85%RH and 86~106kpa pressure.

UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Test Equipment
It provides comprehensive and detailed real-time monitoring and curve recording for important test parameters such as irradiance, temperature and time (the controller has the function of paperless recorder). It can also generate reports and print curves through computer software. Equipment Features
Irradiation/room temperature test can be carried out alone, or any combination of two types of test can be programmed. Adopt industrial level 7 inch true color touch screen control system, with good stability monitoring, operation and maintenance.
It provides life reference for ultraviolet lamps with expensive materials (UVC 254nm tubes are consumables with a life expectancy of more than 6000 hours), which is convenient for users to confirm the replacement time of lamp and save the use cost.
Solar eye has precise measurement and control of irradiance, Its control range: 8 ~ 13.0W/m2 adjustable. Can prolong the life of the lamp tube, the test results are more accurate and reliable.
Through the irradiance measurement and control device (solar eye), the irradiance can be measured and controlled, so that the irradiance will automatically stabilize at the set value, and greatly prolong the service life of the UVC 254nm tube.
The installation and wiring of the electrical part of the equipment are carried out according to the international electrician standard. The manufacture of Wewon Tech has perfect professional after-sales service.
The test standard information on this page is collected from the internet, or provided by the suppliers involved in the development of the standard, The test standard used for reference only. To ensure the accuracy of test results and save your time purpose, For details of ISO 4892-1:2016 or for specific test methods of ISO 4892-1:2016, Welcome to call our technical dept or give us a mail, We will be here and pleasure to help you.

1. Condenser Water System:

The condensing system is essentially evaporated water vapour confined to the chamber template. During the condensation cycle, the water is heated through a heating element in the water tray. Water vapor fills the chamber, condenses continuously on the sample, and finally flows back to the water tray. The spray system consists of high power water pump,5 nozzles (4 on each side) connected pipe control valves and drainage parts. Nozzles are installed between the tubes and, in the spray cycle, water is sprayed onto the sample to produce a thermal shock or erosion effect.

Condenser Water System for UVC 254nm Ultraviolet Light Test Equipment

2. Temp Circulation System:

The temperature circulation system includes a blower, air heater, air distribution system, and blackboard temperature sensor. Blower: installed in the lower box of the equipment air channel, in the whole UV cycle, the blower is continuous work. Air Heater: installed in the air duct above the blower, used to heat the air blown out by the blower when needed. Air Distribution System: the air blown by the blower enters the laboratory through the air pipe in the center of the water tray, and then fills the whole laboratory by the air guide.

3. Solar Eye|Sun Eye System:

The change of light intensity will affect the aging rate of materials, while the difference of spectrum may affect both the aging rate and the aging type of materials. The irradiance can be controlled by the solar eye system to obtain accurate and repeatable test results. The solar eye system is a precise closed-loop control system that automatically maintains the set light intensity through a feedback loop. The controller continuously monitors UV light intensity and compensates for changes in light intensity due to aging of the lamp or any other factors by adjusting the lamp output.

The reproducibility and repeatability of the test results of the solar eye irradiance control system are better than that of artificial irradiance control system, and can effectively prolong the life of the lamp tube. The sun eye is mounted on the sample holder. During the UV cycle, the sun eye monitors the light intensity of the lamp and transmits the data to the controller. The controller compares the irradiance measurement to the set value, and then instructs the power system to adjust the lamp output to maintain the light intensity set value.
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Since ISO 4892-2 has temperature and humidity control requirements, We need to use xenon arc lamp to meet the test requirements of ISO 4892-2. The WEW-080-XD and WEW-175-XD Model Weatherometer from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. can simulate and perform the testing requirements of ISO 4892-2 very well. If you prefer to know more about ISO 4892-2 and DIN EN ISO 4892-2 test methods You are welcome to contact our technical engineer at any time. In the past 2 years, We have produced a few ISO 4892-2 xenon test chambers for different customers with good experience there.

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