The Best Vacuum Drying Ovens for Industrial Applications

Vacuum drying ovens, Designed and manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., are a crucial solution for potential customers seeking high-quality manufacturers of vacuum drying equipment. These ovens offer essential features and functions necessary for efficient drying processes. In simple terms, Vacuum drying ovens are enclosed drying systems that operate under negative pressure. The principle behind their operation involves the use of a vacuum pump to remove air and moisture from the chamber, creating a vacuum environment that reduces the boiling point of water and accelerates the drying process.

Structurally, Vacuum drying ovens typically feature casings made from cold-rolled steel plates. However, The thickness of the casing varies significantly, with industrial drying ovens requiring thicker shells to withstand the vacuum environment and prevent damage due to atmospheric pressure. Opting for thicker steel plates ensures better quality and longevity, ultimately extending the lifespan of the oven. If you need some customized designs, Please feel free to contact our R&D team.

Vacuum Drying Oven
Eequipment Model HEW-OVP-64L  HEW-OVP-216L  HEW-OVP-1000L 
Testing Volume 64 Liters 216 Liters 1000 Liters
Test Room Size (mm) 400×400×400 600×600×600  1000×1000×1000
Overall Dimensions (mm) 700×660×1450 900×860×1650 1360×1660×1880
Total Power 5.5KW  9.5KW  18.5KW
Power Supply AC 230V, 50Hz AC 220V, 50Hz AC 440V, 50Hz
Temperature Deviation ±2.5%  ±3.5%  ±5.5%
Temperature Range  RT+10℃~300℃ RT+10℃~200℃ RT+10℃~250℃
Vacuum Degree Range 0~-100KPa 0~-100KPa 0~-100KPa
Control Mode PLC Touch Screen Control PLC Touch Screen Control PLC Touch Screen Control
Equipment Structure One-Piece Structure  Built-In Vacuum Pump External Vacuum Pump
Test Room Material 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate SUS304# Stainless Steel
Machine Appearance 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Nitrogen Filling System Guidance: 
1) Nitrogen Pressure Range: About 3~4Kg; 2) Flowmeter: Measuring Range is 10L/min -100L/min.
3) Tracheal Configuration: ∮8mm Tracheal Quick-connect Port.
4) Nitrogen Charging Control Method: Adopt time automatic control or manual control.
5) Exhaust Valve: Open the exhaust valve while filling with nitrogen to prevent high pressure in the test room.
6) Nitrogen: The nitrogen source must be prepared by the user.

The vacuum drying box produced by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. has a unique operating procedure of first vacuuming and then heating to ensure normal drying work and ensure the safety and efficiency of the equipment. We have always maintained a leading position in the industry in terms of quality optimization and technology improvement.

Our vacuum drying ovens are widely used in various fields, such as chemical laboratories, biomedicine, material science, etc. These drying oven equipment are also widely used in industrial drying and manufacturing fields, including industrial drying ovens and laboratory drying ovens. We offer high quality vacuum drying ovens including precision, small and large vacuum drying ovens to suit every need.

Our vacuum drying ovens use advanced electric heating technology and blower systems to ensure even temperature distribution and achieve efficient and precise drying results. We also offer the option of equipment equipped with vacuum pumps and controllers to provide users with better control of drying operations. These are all important reasons for Wewon’s vacuum drying ovens to have reliable quality assurance !

Adjustable door closure and a silicone rubber door seal ensure a tight and high-vacuum environment inside the chamber. Equipment Features:
Built-in touch-sensitive interlocking solenoid valve allows for easy vacuum pumping and pressure release.
Features a high-performance CPU processing chip and a temperature control system with highly sensitive platinum resistance sensors, providing precise temperature control and user-friendly operation.
Includes sensor failure alarm, over-temperature alarm, self-diagnostic dynamic control, temperature display calibration, parameter memory, and a timer function of up to 9999 minutes.
Crafted with high-quality stainless steel and rounded corners for easy and efficient cleaning.
Offers an independent temperature limit control and alarm system that automatically interrupts operation when the set temperature exceeds the limit, providing an additional layer of protection.
Comes equipped with an inert gas port and an inert gas flow meter, adding versatility and functionality to the vacuum drying oven.
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