How to Choose the Right Vacuum Oven with Pump for Your Needs

Vacuum ovens with pump are widely used in various research fields, such as biochemistry, chemical pharmaceuticals, medical sanitation, agricultural science, and environmental protection. Maybe you know that they are utilized for powder drying, baking, sterilization, and disinfection of glass containers. These vacuum ovens are especially suitable for rapid drying and dehydration of heat-sensitive, easily decomposable, oxidizable substances, as well as complex composite materials !

Integrated with a high-performance vacuum pump, Wewon’s vacuum ovens offer superior drying capabilities, ensuring efficient removal of moisture and other volatile substances. With their precise temperature control and advanced features, These ovens enable quick and reliable drying processes, making them ideal for laboratories, research facilities, and industrial applications. Explore the good vacuum oven for your specific needs at Wewon manufacturer for sale and discover the full potential of vacuum oven technology in your laboratory or industrial processes.

Eequipment Model HEW-OVP-27L  HEW-OVP-125L  HEW-OVP-512L 
Testing Volume 27 Liters 125 Liters 512 Liters
Test Room Size (mm) 300×300×300  500×500×500 800×800×800 
Overall Dimensions (mm) 700×550×1250 780×770×1550  1150×1080×1850 
Power Consumption 3.5 KW  7.3 KW  14.5 KW 
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz AC 230V, 50Hz AC 380V, 50Hz
Temperature Deviation ±1.5%  ±3.5%  ±5.5%
Temperature Range  RT+10℃~200℃ RT+10℃~250℃ RT+10℃~300℃
Vacuum Degree Range 0~-100KPa 0~-100KPa 0~-100KPa
Control Mode Button Control Button Control Button Control
Equipment Structure One-Piece Structure  Built-In Vacuum Pump External Vacuum Pump
Test Room Material SUS304# Stainless Steel SUS304# Stainless Steel SUS304# Stainless Steel
Machine Appearance SECC Steel Plate With Advanced Baking Paint Treatment 08F Cold Rolled Steel Plate
Nitrogen Filling System Guidance: 
1) Nitrogen Pressure Range: About 3~4Kg; 2) Flowmeter: Measuring Range is 10L/min -100L/min.
3) Tracheal Configuration: ∮8mm Tracheal Quick-connect Port.
4) Nitrogen Charging Control Method: Adopt time automatic control or manual control.
5) Exhaust Valve: Open the exhaust valve while filling with nitrogen to prevent high pressure in the test room.
6) Nitrogen: The nitrogen source must be prepared by the user.
How to Choose the Right Vacuum Oven with Pump for Your Needs
Always use a vacuum oven with pump in an environment where the relative humidity ≤85% RH, and there is no corrosive gas, strong vibration source, or strong electromagnetic field. Ensure that the outer casing of the vacuum oven dryer is effectively grounded to ensure safe usage. Tips for Using a Vacuum Oven with Pump
The test room of a vacuum oven with pump is not treated with explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and other measures. Therefore, do not dry flammable, explosive, or corrosive objects in the test room. If you need to dry an object that releases a corrosive gas, please indicate so in advance so that special corrosion-resistant materials can be used.
The vacuum pump should not run for an extended period. Therefore, when the vacuum degree meets the drying requirements, close the vacuum valve first, then turn off the vacuum pump’s power supply. When the vacuum degree is less than the drying requirements, open the vacuum valve and the vacuum pump’s power supply again to continue vacuuming.
This approach can extend the vacuum pump’s service life. Alternatively, you can use an automatic interlocking device to control the vacuum, which will stop at the required vacuum degree and restart when the vacuum degree falls below the required level.
If the object being dried is damp, it is better to add a filter between the vacuum box and the vacuum pump to prevent damp air from entering the vacuum pump and causing a vacuum pump failure.
If the object being dried changes to lightweight and small volume (in the form of small particles) after drying, it is advised to add a separating mesh to the vacuum port in the test room to prevent dried materials from entering and damaging the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
The vacuum oven with pump might have trouble vacuuming after several uses. In such cases, it is necessary to replace the door seal or adjust the door buckle’s extending distance on the box to solve the problem.
Clean the vacuum oven regularly. Do not use chemically reactive solutions to clean the door glass of the vacuum oven. Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe it. Do not use sharp objects to scrape the tempered glass window.
If the vacuum oven dryer is not going to be used for an extended period, wipe the exposed electroplated parts clean, apply neutral grease to them to prevent corrosion, and cover the vacuum oven with a plastic dust cover. Place it in a dry indoor environment to prevent electrical components from becoming damp and affecting usage.
When discontinuous vacuuming is required, you should close the vacuum valve first and then turn off the vacuum pump’s power supply; otherwise, vacuum oil will flow back into the vacuum oven, but a special valve can prevent the vacuum oil from flowing back.
If the humidity of the material being dried in the test room is high, the generated water vapor will affect the vacuum pump’s performance. Therefore, it is recommended to connect a “drying/filter” between the vacuum oven and the vacuum pump. If an inert gas such as nitrogen needs to be added during the drying process, a contract should indicate this, and an intake valve should be added to the vacuum oven with pump.
vacuum oven with pump

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As a potential vacuum oven with pump buyer, You must know about Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd., a quality manufacturer. Their vacuum drying oven not only has excellent performance and reliability, but is also designed for various application scenarios, including but not limited to product drying, testing and heating.

Although temperature uniformity is not usually considered in vacuum drying ovens, We can guarantee that Wewon’s products can meet your various needs. We use a combination of electric heating and blowers to ensure consistent temperature distribution, and we also provide vacuum oven drying and vacuum oven dryer in various specifications to meet your different needs.

We pay great attention to air quality and environmental protection, so our vacuum oven with pump uses an efficient vacuum pump to provide a fast and reliable vacuum environment, thereby ensuring that the product drying process is safer and more efficient. Whether it is technical parameters or detailed information such as product pictures, we will provide you with the most comprehensive product information so that you can make informed purchasing decisions.

The inner chamber of the box is made of SUS 304 stainless steel, and the inner and outer walls are welded using argon arc welding, ensuring stable sealing performance. It can quickly deoxygenate and effectively maintain a stable oxygen-free environment. Machine Features
The control system adopts a touchscreen P.L.C intelligent control, which displays temperature, pressure, and other parameters on the screen. It allows for program editing and segmented step control for heating, insulation, pressure control, and the operation curve can be queried and exported in real-time in the background.
The door seal adopts a specially customized high-temperature resistant vacuum seal, effectively ensuring the stability of the vacuum degree. The insulation material is filled with environmentally friendly silica-alumina insulation material, providing excellent thermal insulation.
The machine design includes multiple protection functions, such as independent over-temperature protection, motor protection, leakage protection, and overheat protection for the vacuum pump. It is equipped with a spare K-type thermocouple sensor.
Inert gas function: it can introduce nitrogen or argon gas to protect sensitive materials from oxidation at high temperatures, providing displacement functionality.
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