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If you are looking for an affordable vision measuring machine from a China manufacturer, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is your good choice! The vision measuring machine from WewonTech is a precise and efficient measuring instrument integrating optics, precision machinery, electronics, and computers. The vision measuring machine equipped with a high precision and high efficiency video surveying system composed of high resolution CCD color camera, continuous magnification objective lens, computer, precision optical ruler, high precision table and measuring software.

The vision measuring machine mainly used for two-dimensional measurement, and can also be used as a three-dimensional video measurement system, which can easily realize the purpose of measurement, inspection, calibration, reverse engineering, etc. The use of Vision Measuring Machines (VMMs) has become increasingly popular in the manufacturing industry due to their ability to accurately measure and inspect parts and products quickly and efficiently.

When choosing a VMM supplier, it’s essential to consider factors such as the level of precision required, intended application, and budget. By selecting the right VMM supplier, businesses can benefit from enhanced accuracy, increased efficiency, and improved quality control. For more details check, Please send us a mail. I am waiting for you there! Thank you.

China Vision Measuring Machine Manufacturer
Equipment Model SMART-VMS 2010M/N/A SMART-VMS 3020M/N/A SMART-VMS 4030M/N/A SMART-VMS 5040M/N/A
Marble Table Size(mm) 356×266 506×376 606×476 706×576
Glass Table Size(mm) 260×160 360×260 460×360 560×460
Sport Trip(mm) 200(X)×100(Y) 300(X)×200(Y) 400(X)×300(Y) 500(X)×400(Y)
Focusing Stroke(mm) 150 mm 150 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Measurement and Aiming System Camera (CCD) color 1/2′′ SONY chipset 410,000 pixels
Zoom objective magnification: 0.7-4.5X Working distance: 90mm
Video magnification: 30-225X Display resolution: 0.001mm
Special measurement software
Indication Error X.Y≤(3+L/200)um Z ≤ (4 + L / 150) um (L is the measured length unit: mm)
Lighting System The surface light source and transmission light source are LED with adjustable brightness.
Dimensions (mm) (D×W×H)
650×485×930 820×580×1100 970×720×1100 1070×820×1100
Gross Weight(KG) 150 KG 225 KG 375 KG 400 KG

What is the use of vision video measuring machine ? Vision measuring machine is widely used in various industries. Such as: electronic components, precision molds, tools, springs, conductive rubber, oil seal valve, camera parts, bicycle parts, automobile parts, PCB processing … The use of Vision Measuring Machines (VMMs) has revolutionized the manufacturing industry. They offer accurate and efficient measurement and inspection of parts and products. China has emerged as a major player in the VMMs market, with several manufacturers and suppliers offering high-quality machines at competitive prices.

The working desktop placed on the instrument shall be firm, reliable and shall not be shaken
Place the location away from various sources. Vision Measuring Machine Photo 1
The ambient temperature is maintained at 20℃-5℃, humidity ≤ 75 ° RH.
Place the environment to avoid sand and dust. Vision Measuring Machine Photo 2
The power supply for Wewon vision measuring machine must be grounded.
Vision Measuring Machine Use Environment:
Open the outer and inner packaging of the image coordinate measuring machine, please read this section first.
Care should be taken when handling the Wewon vision measuring machine.
After the instrument is placed, place the level on the work surface and adjust the instrument foot to keep the instrument level.
Loosen the table fixing plate (one piece of X and Y axis), Z axis fixing plate (lower part of the transmission group), and the weight setting screw (left side of the column).
Please refer to the surveying software manual for how to install the mapping software.
Communication card, video card, hardware, software installation, dongle installation method, please refer to the software manual.
Connect the power supply box to the transfer box and the control box. Plug in the power cord and turn on the power.
The X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis, and grating ruler calibration by the Wewon’s engineering personnel can complete the installation.
After the vision measuring machine has been installed, Please do not move the engine.
Installation of the Vision Measuring Machine:

Working Principle of Vision Measuring Machine: Image coordinate measuring instrument is a video magnification measuring system which is formed on the display through continuous magnification objective lens and color CCD and through transmission light or surface light illumination. The data transmitted by the precision optical ruler are processed by the special measuring software and the measurement work is completed.

In addition to manufacturers, China is home to several suppliers of VMMs. Leader Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a notable supplier that offers a range of VMMs that cater to a variety of applications. Their products are known for their accuracy, ease of use, and affordability. The related data as above mentioned, Hope you like it !

First check if the workbench is reset, then turn on the power switch and turn on the computer to run the measurement software. Rotate the magnification adjustment circle of the continuous zoom objective to select the appropriate magnification.
Place the workpiece to be placed near the center of the table glass, open the surface or transmitted light source, and adjust to the appropriate brightness.
Rotate the X-axis moving handle (as shown in Figure 2-9) and the Y-axis moving handle (as shown in Figure 2-3) to make the part to be measured of the workpiece to be measured, image it on the display, and adjust the Z-axis lifting handle (1-11).
Make the workpiece clear. The measurement software allows you to measure the dimensions of the workpiece. For the operation and measurement software of the electric and automatic machine, please refer to the random measurement software manual.
If you need the video measurement service, please select the scale first (see the software manual for the selection method of the scale), and the magnification of the zoom objective cannot be changed during the measurement.
Otherwise, incorrect measurement results will occur. If you change the magnification of the zoom objective, you must re-select the scale.
How does a Vision Measuring Machine Work ?

Finally, it’s worth mentioning Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, a global leader in industrial metrology. They offer a range of VMMs that cater to different industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical. Their machines are known for their accuracy and advanced technology and are among the most expensive in the market.

In conclusion, China has emerged as a major player in the VMMs market, offering a diverse range of machines at competitive prices. While several manufacturers and suppliers are available in the market, buyers must consider factors such as the level of precision required, intended application, and budget before making a purchase. With careful consideration, manufacturers can benefit from enhanced accuracy, increased efficiency, and improved quality control.

Image vision measuring instrument, which is a precision testing instrument, must be carefully maintained and maintained to ensure the accuracy of the instrument and extend the life of the instrument.
When you have finished the test work, Make sure turn off the power of surface light and transmitted light to extend the life of the LED light. After the vision measuring machine has been used, Then put a dust cover on it to prevent dust from entering.
When placing the workpiece, handle it gently to prevent the glass countertop or marble countertop from being scratched.
Workbench guide rails, Z-axis lift rails should be regularly sprayed with anti-rust oil to prevent rust and affect the accuracy of the machine.
If the image coordinate measuring machine needs to be moved, lock the table fixing plate and the Z-axis fixing plate before proceeding. All fasteners and electrical connectors of the instrument have been firmly connected, reliable, and the customer must not disassemble it.
Keep the temperature and humidity of the vision measuring machine placement area in accordance with the requirements.
When customer founds any problems during use moment, please contact us or the agent. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. will reply you in a shortest time.
Maintenance Notice for Vision Measuring Machine
image measuring table
(1) Table Glass (2) X, Y Transmission System (3) Y-axis Transmission Handle (4) Middle Table
(5) Marble Upper (6) V Guide (7) Table Mounting Plate (8) Open and Close Handle
(9) X-axis Transmission Handle (10) Grating Displacement Sensor    

Wewon vision measuring machine mainly includes supporting part, video part, working table part and lighting part. The supporting part includes marble base (7), marble column (10) and stand (9). The video part includes the lens lifting group (2), the lens, the camera, and the rotating lifting hand wheel (11), which can measure the workpiece of different heights.

The working table includes vertical (X-axis), horizontal (Y-axis) directional transmission system (2), v-guide pair (6), grating displacement sensor (10), glass of the working table (1), marble upper layer (5), and middle layer of the working table (4). The above working table can be moved quickly by rotating X and Y-axis transmission handle (3)(9) and open and close handle (8). If you have a custom size for measurement, Please inform us when you inquiry to us !

overall structure of the vision measuring machine
1. Cover 5. Carrying Handle 9. Electric Control Box 13. Control Handle
2. Vertical Lifting Group 6. Control Panel 10. Column 14. Computer Desk
3. Camera Group 7. Base 11. Lifting Handwheel 15. Keyboard
4. Workbench Glass 8. Bracket 12. Display 16. Computer Host
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