New Walk In Plant Growth Chamber from Wewon Tech

The walk in plant growth chamber is an advanced environmental test chamber designed to provide a stable and controllable environment for the growth of plants over an extended period. These growth chambers are essentially large refrigerators that use sophisticated environmental controls to regulate the temperature, humidity, lighting, and other parameters necessary to support plant growth. The walk-in plant growth chambers are ideal for plant science researchers, horticulturists, seed breeders, and agricultural scientists who want to cultivate plants under controlled environmental conditions. The walk-in plant growth chambers are also suitable for environmental simulation, environmental testing, and aging tests.

The walk-in plant growth chamber from Wewon Tech is a unique environmental test chamber that provides the perfect environment for plant growth and simulates different environmental conditions required to conduct plant-based research. Their advanced technology allows for the accurate and precise control of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and lighting. The walk-in chamber is customizable to meet any customer requirements, and the company’s products provide high-quality, durability, and reliability. With precise simulations of different environmental conditions, The plant growth chamber proves to be an essential tool in the field of environmental testing, crop studies, and breeding.

Walk In Plant Growth Chamber
The following framework conditions and options are required for walkable climate chamber :
Temperature range: min -40 ° C to + 120 ° C
Humidity range control 20% to 95%
We do not want to use R23. Refrigeration level should use R452. R508b, R507. Because the R23, R404 is forbiden in Europe
Temperature change: should be 3 C /min or better without load and 1.5 C /min or better with load.
Inner dimensions: 2000mm x 1500mm x 1500mm (W x D x H)
Min 1 testing hole entry, Diameter 100 mm
The controller system should be possible to program test cycles
A software for monitoring the climate cabinet or the possibility to integrate them in Lab View.

Wewon’s walk-in plant growth chambers meet the high standards of quality, reliability, and accuracy that customers expect from environmental test chambers. The chambers are made using top quality materials, with advanced insulation and robust construction to ensure the highest level of insulation and durability. Wewon’s plant growth chambers come in a range of sizes, and each chamber design and configuration is customized to meet the client’s unique requirements.

Each walk-in plant growth chamber is equipped with advanced technology designed to provide precise control of the temperature, humidity, and lighting. LED lighting systems are standard in the chambers, and some models can simulate sunlight, moonlight, and darkness. The chambers have various types of air circulation and ventilation systems, along with CO2 gas supply systems, ultrasonic humidifiers, and other accessories needed to stimulate plant growth.

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New Walk In Plant Growth Chamber from Wewon Tech

The walk-in plant growth chamber is designed to provide the perfect conditions for plant growth, allowing scientists to control various environmental conditions to study the impact on plants’ growth. Researchers can use this chamber to investigate the effects of different levels of light, temperature, humidity, and CO2 on crops and plant development. With a walk-in growth chamber, it is possible to recreate environmental conditions that plants would face in different locations worldwide, helping researchers in their genetic studies, breeding, and plant physiology.

The advantages of walk-in plant growth chambers from Wewon are pretty evident. It allows researchers to cultivate plants under highly controlled environmental conditions, providing precise environmental conditions facilitating reproducible research and data capturing. This feature is a critical factor as it is required to generate reliable and conclusive results that will have practical implications in various fields like agriculture, plant science, and horticulture.

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