Why You Need Wewon Tech’s Logistics Service ?

I am totally understand that a lot of customers are trying to find cheaper test equipment by Inernet, But they’re missing a very important issue: delivery the equipment after purchased. As a buyer, You are confident that the delivery of goods is simple and you are fully capable of safely delivering the equipment to your company’s designated warehouse or location. But, in fact, You are wrong !

If you have bought an equipment that contains a compressor and the compressor is filled with R507, R23, R404a freon, This will be a very serious case for you ! Because the compressor in the process of transportation, according to the transportation vibration or the collision between the goods back and forth, stress, triboelectric and other natural factors, the machine is likely to have been damaged. But from the appearance, You can not find this damage when the machine arrived at your factory finally.

What’s more, It is difficult for insurance companies to compensate for the damage caused by the transportation conditions. Meanwhile, Let’s not talk about the buyers who don’t even buy cargo insurance to save money purpose. It is no exaggeration to say that don’t order cargo insurance during shipment, the buyers are playing an extreme sport like bungee jumping.

environmental chamber's damage during sea shipment

In fact, Perhaps such a bad situation, even as an experienced purchase engineer, may not know such details. Yes, if you are purchasing a laboratory test equipment, I will suggest you to find a professional logistics supplier to complete the shipping work. The easiest way is to entrust the laboratory test equipment manufacturer to do the shipping work, Because the manufacturer is well aware of the risks involved in the process of transporting the equipment. Another convenience is that the manufacturer will be responsible for any damage or malfunction of the machine during the shipment.
related page logo2020-2-13 Delivery Record|A Canada customer with their own logistics supplier ordered one piece WEW-YW-160D model salt spray chamber from Wewon Tech|During the customer’s forwarder pick up the machine period, due to unprofessional operation reason, The head of the electric forklift hit the water tank at the bottom of the machine, causing the machine to be damaged.
related page logo2018-03-24 Delivery Record|The Russia customer ordered a WE-TST-027-B thermal shock chamber from Wewon Tech with their logistics supplier|In order to save space, the customer’s forwarder caused the extrusion deformation of the wooden case of the machine. After receiving the machine, The customer disassembled the wooden case and found that it was damaged and some spare parts fell off.

Let me give you an example: Suppose your company buys a machine from Wewon Tech. In order to save the cost purpose, You have found a number of shipping companies through the Internet by Google. Then, by comparing their prices, You have chosen the cheapest logistics supplier to provide you with the transportation service. It is likely that the cheapest logistics supplier will make zero profit on their quotation sheet in order to win your order. Because if not, This logistics supplier will not be able to win your order at the lowest price. Am I right ?

If this is true, we can think about it, How does this logistics supplier achieve profitability ? There is no doubt that this logistics supplier will find a way to increase the profit through their transportation, otherwise, They will not help you with the transportation service. Because no logistics provider will help you for free! No way, this is reality!

related page logo2020-07-15 Delivery Record|A local distributor in the United States choose their own logistics supplier for the delivery work for one piece WEW-YW-90D salt spray chamber |Because the dealer did not seal the wooden case, the plastic parts fell off due to the strong vibration during the land transportation.
related page logo2017-12-18 Delivery Record|Wewon Tech delivered a WEW-ES 3000 salt spray chamber to a customer in Russia with their own logistics supplier|Due to the influence of ocean transportation wind and waves, the machine moved back and forth inside the 20 feet container, and some parts were damaged due to the collision between the huge machine and the container wall. Even Wewon Tech has purchased transportation insurance, Because of the transnational transport, Claim the insurance costs from the insurance company still become a difficult issues.
Through long-term communication with several logistics suppliers, I have found out some secrets. The logistics suppliers found by your purchaser never purchase cargo insurance during the process of cargo transportation. In order to save delivery costs purpose, It is also very common to pile up the goods and put them upside down and squeeze them together. This kind of logistics supplier always considers the profit with the minimum transportation cost, but this working way is not suitable for Wewon Tech’s precision instrument transportation work actually !

Machine damage caused by vibration or collision during transportation due to your logistics supplier reason which has been found by your purchaser, It is quite possible that the equipment already damaged when it arrived at your delivery address. However, We are very sorry to inform you that the manufacturer will not be responsible for the damage caused by the machine in the process of transportation.

plywood case damage

It is also for this reason that a very passive situation has been created. The next thing that’s going to happen is Wewon Tech’s engineers are going to spend a lot of time online with the customer’s technicians, and they’re trying to work together to figure out how to fix the broken machine. Although the machine’s problem will most likely be resolved, It will certainly be very painful for the R&D engineer on the customer side.

Because this will certainly delay the time for the new product which will be tested, This will cause a big hidden danger to your company’s new product going to the market. Therefore, Our conclusion is that if you have purchased for Wewon Tech’s environmental chambers, Please use Wewon Tech’s logistics service. This is probably the best protection which you can get for your purchased equipment. Thanks for your understading !

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